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If you have found a pet:

  • Place an ad here and in local papers

  • Check with the Butte animal shelter at 782-8450

  • Check with the Jefferson County Sheriff at 225-4075

  • Check our Lost Pets page

To place an ad here, email with as much of the following information as possible:

  • Did you lose or find a pet?

  • Date lost or found

  • Your first and last name, address, phone number and e-mail address

  • Thorough description of the animal: type (cat or dog, etc), breed, color, hair length, gender, is the animal spayed or neutered, approximate age, any special markings or other distinctive characteristics

  • Location where the animal was found

  • Please include a high quality photo of the animal (a maximum of two photos will be displayed)

  • Please notify us if the animal is claimed so that we can remove your ad


**4 Paws Rescue Lost and Found Policy**

We reserve the right to refuse to display any submission and to delete any previously displayed submission.  Any submitted photos may be edited to fit space constraints.  Submissions will not appear immediately on the web site.  4 Paws Rescue and its web site are run by volunteers who will do their best to display your submission as soon as possible. Submissions will be displayed for a maximum of two months.  If, after two months, you wish to continue to display your ad, you must contact 4 Paws Rescue to request an extension.  Extensions will be granted at the discretion of 4 Paws Rescue staff. 




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